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Teen-agers” June 9, 2008

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Teenage is the prime time of our life.. There is something interesting about teenagers because they tend to create or use certain language or words.. For example:

  • lame
  • duh..
  • chaoz
  • emo
  • tingy & so on

I guess this is one of the way teenagers make their life alive.. Seriously, it’s not easy being a teenager.. There is a road of hardship awaiting us to pass through but in the mean time this is also the best time of our life!! Although it is tough, but each unique experience are the little pieces that complete our life puzzle to build us up to who we are today.. The moment you fall, you will start reflecting many things in your life. Finally, you stand up with courage again.. Everybody will be going through this roller-coaster experience. It may sound different among each other but there is no need to make any comparison because God is fair. After all, each human being are unique in his/her own way.. What matters most is not only what we have gone through, but most importantly is how we view life. If you are a pessimist, you won’t be able to see the opportunity in every failure forever. Step out from the dark, embrace the failure with courage and be ready to take on the next challenge.. Tell yourself, this failure is an opportunity to know your mistakes.. It may takes time, but do give yourself a chance to evolve, evolve into a better human

I would like to quote the taglines from our 2 sports giants – Nike & Adidas:


Impossible is Nothing, Just Do it!

P/s: Repeat this everyday before you sleep.


One Response to “Teen-agers””

  1. yan kiat Says:

    at the first moment i looked at your first paragraph, i was thinking that you might want to criticize teenager’s bad habit or attitude nowadays… who knows…. muahaha!!! you really have the great imagination! and thanks for your advices =)

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