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Humans inspiring humans ~ KLue Blue Chilli Awards 2008 June 20, 2008

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Its the third annual Blue Chilli awards, where it aim to uncover the next wave of young talented individuals who have made strong contributions in their respective industries.

I am supporting this outstanding individual:

Izzuddin Shah otherwise known as Dayn has made quite an impression on the indie scene within the past few years. Unlike his cohorts who started out in T-shirt collectives, Dayn has built a full-fledged business out of one simple idea – ‘I Heart KL’.

Two years ago, you’d most likely find Dayn out on the sidewalks of Bukit Bintang where he would diligently sell bundles of ‘I Heart KL’ T-shirts for extra pocket money while still studying business economics at university. Nowadays, you need to either pre-order his T-shirts or show up really early to indie shopping bazaars because it’s a known fact that Dayn’s T-shirts can sell out within minutes of him opening his booth.

One thing that he impressed me is his passion towards one simple idea and yet he is able to expand this brand and climb the ladder of success.. You see, everything starts from nothing just like all of us.. No one can foresee success or failure, but what we know is that our present will determine our future..

here’s another inspiring person:

The name Michelle Gunaselan certainly rings a familiar bell on cyberspace. Being enthusiastic in educating voters and non-voters alike on their rights prior to the recent General Elections, Michelle founded the Facebook group – VotED. Being only 25, this Taylors College graduate is a restless soul that loathes everything unjust, having been an activist focusing on socio-political affairs since she was 19.

Michelle’s achievements doesn’t just stop there; she has written about the Kampung Berembang issue which opened people’s eyes, and also won an award from the Malaysian AIDS Council for helping to raise awareness on the disease. She’s also working on a chapter for a book regarding the recent elections. “I’m just trying to get involved with more activism. I’m very passionate about it.” When Michelle is not busy fighting for a cause, she prefers to go to a bar and chill with her activist pals. She also writes poetry.

This lady has taught me that justice does prevail if we go after it.. I’m really happy to find someone who champion for a good cause and willing to work relentlessly for it.. There are so many people suffering out there and yet not many people are willing to fight with them besides donating money.. Are you one of them? Hopefully i can join this extraodinary force..


Hope that you are inspired by the people above.. They are not billionaires like Bill Gates, but it is their spirit that tell us to keep going on..


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