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Yasmin Ahmad – the storyteller (Part 1) June 26, 2008

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I am a fan of Yasmin Ahmad. I salute her-the executive creative director of Leo Burnett Malaysia-a cut above the rest in the film and advertising industry. Her achievements did inspired me, but what impressed me the most is her attitude and spirit. Last week, i did read a newspaper article about her on winning the Gold award for her award-winning advertisement – “Tan Hong Ming in love” from the Cannes Lion International Advertising Festival 2008. Including this one, this advertisement has already  grabbed 21 awards. Imagine, she didn’t expect it too. From the beginning, she is merely doing her work, bringing the best out of it without expecting anything. She declares that the greatest misconception about her is that she is creative. She insisted that it is not because of humble. “I believe God creates and we just observe. People who make art that is felt by other fellow human beings are people who are sharp observer. Maybe I have been blessed with a sharp observation. But I am not creative.” What she said is right. God bless us with different things, but it is up to us to decide how to utilise these blesssings.

Everyone has a hidden ‘superpower’ blessed by God. It needs time and willpower to unearth it. If Yasmin Ahmad is blessed with a sharp observation, how about you? Never doubt your ability and there is no need to compare because we are who we are, unique in each of our own way. Her strength can lead her to where she is today, we definitely can be like her too. It all begins with us..


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