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Not at home July 6, 2008

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5th July 2008

Woke up at 9.15am (Short stuff was still sleeping! Argh!). Curry puff came to fetch me. As the others are coming late, we decide to go to berkeley to eat the famous mee hun kuih. Although there is not many people as usual, but we waited quite a while. “Ring..RIng..”. My phone rang. SS said we can drive down to Bukit Tinggi already. So, we decide to cancel our food order and off we go. Reach there at 10.30am. Waited in the car for almost half an hour. Why? Because someone who was suppose to show us the way to the place did not turn up (hehe, you know who you are..). After breathing in carbon dioxide that is more than enough and being exposed to the hot sun, we finally knew the direction of the place and went there ourself. The place is actually so near to where we had waited. Haihz..

It’s 11.15am. The parking space was damn small, cannot fit curry puff’s car. Finally, we are here. Ah Tao Bah Kut Teh. Yeap, you are right. We suppose to meet up with our friends from KL for a scumptious Bah Kut Teh breakfast. Tick tock tick tock. They not yet arrive due to some ‘road problems’. I’m so hungry (continue to sip some tea). As we have started to eat, at last, here they are. Sitted down, taste the Bah Kut Teh, sipped some Pu-Er Tea and the rest is history.

Off to 1 Utama. We found a perfect parking space just beside the lift. Lift doors open, the shopping journey starts. Don’t forget, the Mega Sales begins today too. When i was walking out of Zara, i met 2 of our classmates, definitely a concidence. It’s 3.30pm already. Our pit stop: Kei Tak Zik, famous for its ‘tong shui’. We should pronounce the name in Cantonese. It will be “Remember to Eat” if directly translated to English. I ordered a bowl of peanut+black sesame gruel (zhi ma & fa sang hu). Quite nice but i can’t really taste the flavour of peanut. Curry puff commented on its colour which look like shit because it is black, luckily i did not loss my appetite to eat. After going to the supermarket at the old wing, we did not went back empty-handed, but with something each (Not vegetables). Buckled on our seat belts and this signifies the end of this journey. Adios!!

Coming up next ~ pictures!! 



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  1. hehe Says:

    wat the… u dare to say that again..u are so dead!!!

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