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An indirect gift direct from the heart July 11, 2008

Filed under: 1 — blinkstar @ 4:03 pm

Dear WC,

When I heard

That you have let go

The pain, anger and resentment

Only happiness can describe how I felt


I know all this while

You have struggled continuously

To proof your worthiness in this world

I know it is hurtful

To get unrecognised

But I am sure

I have witnessed it – your sacrifice, hard work and courage

I am truly proud of you


As I looked back

I never treated your problems as a burden

But rather a gift from God

Who knows?

Maybe this is the reason why we are humans

And that is why sharing is caring



You still have a dream and vision

That we used to share together

Don’t let it shattered into pieces

Regardless of shine or rain

Do believe in yourself

Give in your 100 percent

And you will be there soon


Just want to let you know

No matter how life is

I promised to be the shadow behind you

Even the world has turn its back on you

If you need my support

I will be there

Walking beside you

Whether it will be forever

I would not know

But one thing for sure

My door will not close



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