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Flying thoughts July 30, 2008

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A cup of tea plus a newspaper with a mind full with flying thoughts. I was at AC today for half an hour, not to eat but to reflect. Somehow, i felt that i am the person who no longer set high targets for myself. It seems that i accepted everything that come and go. Why?? This is a mind-boggling question. Within seconds, i was down with heavy emotions. My world turned gloomy. Do you agree that we human beings tend to lose track of what we are doing occasionally when things are supposed to be arranged in a “neat and tidy” manner? It looks as if it is so perfectly organised with no flaws. To be honest, I always lost my focus in class. I guess it’s time to defuse this time bomb before it explodes. This actually reminds me about the song “Perfect” by Simple Plan. This song has a really significant meaning to me because it was a song of memories. Anyway, thanks to that group of people who included that song into that booklet because of me. It was really touching when i heard about it. I won’t allow myself to forget this.

Still lack of something, bL!nk$t@R

~Don’t allow yourself to be defined by the events that come and go, for that would leave you with nothing solid to hold on to~

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