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Adidas Run-King of the Road 2008 August 11, 2008

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I woke up at 5.30am on 100808 (sunday) despite sleeping at 12.30am on the night before. I was quite awake, sitting in the car heading towards Dataran Shah Alam. Adidas Run 2008 – my first program of the day. I was so eager to sign up for this run a few weeks before that. Nonetheless, i was thinking of forgoing it since I was so tired after having a hectic schedule for the last weekend and it’s 7km!!  “Aiya, just run only la!!” I was aiming for a medal. As i run, i timed myself. After running for approximately 5km, I thought i have a low chances of getting it. As i rush to the finish line, wow, i received a medal man! Thank God, my efforts are not wasted. Unfortunately, my whole body is aching now although it’s not very painful but it does hinders me from walking at my normal speed. I did not really do any warm up nor cool down besides busy talking to my friends and juniors. It has been more than one week I left California Fitness which i usually run on the treadmill for around 2.5 km for each session. I guess this is one of the reason why my muscle is in pain now. I wish I could go back there.

On the road of recovery, bL!nk$t@R.


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