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What’s up on Merdeka eve? August 30, 2008

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30th August 2008

I met up with someone this morning at Teh Tarik Place to have brunch.. Basically, the main purpose is to discuss and contribute some ideas to their annual camp.. As this goes on, we actually talked about some academic stuff.. Y was telling me that he was unable to cope with most of the subjects.. I told him that no one loves to study (except for a few) but it’s a process we have to go through.. From what i know, people these days tend to neglect their academic is due to the lack of a motivation to push them in order to go further and do better.. I was telling him: “Why don’t you use your dream as a stimulator? It really helps”. People nowadays tend to judge a person through his “certificate” because it gives them the first impression towards you. Without a proper academic qualification, the employers will be shaking their heads. I hate it. We all hate it. But, this is reality.   

At night, our secondary school classmates had a gathering at a mamak, AGAIN!! We were reminiscing the old days we used to enjoy during our schooling years.. We gossiped about our teachers and shared stories about them.. We also commented about the political scene in Malaysia right now which was nothing good.. Those things are really bone-tickling.. You see, how wonderful life is.. Anyway, life needs to go on.. As all of us are seperated into different routes, may our future be as bright as the sun..                                                      Yea, Happie Merdeka, Anak-anak Malaysia!!

Too much dosage of mamak, bL!nk$t@R..


One Response to “What’s up on Merdeka eve?”

  1. yan kiat Says:

    LOL, nice comic =)

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