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Illuminate September 1, 2008

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Sharing the real essence behind the soon-to-be-launched series-ILLUMINATE by S4R..


il·lu·mi·nate – to shine light on something, to decorate something with lights, to clarify or make something understandable, to decorate the page, to glow, to be exposed to light

To illuminate is to shine, but what does it really mean to shine?

To shine is to bring hope to the things and situation around us, to bring a positive vibe to a world that is becoming more and more hopeless in every sense of the word, everyone wants to make a difference or even be different, but people are merely hoping with their arms crossed. Why not WE step out to become agents of change in this world instead while it is facing the darkest times in history?

Where there is hope, there is hope. A hopeless situation changes as soon as someone cares. As soon as one believes that things will be better, there is hope. It’s fine to hope for the best, but at times, it’s not enough. We cannot merely hope, but to take action. Hope for the best, and put everything you have into it to make things happen. And with this hope, the world will seem brighter for you, and the people around you.

It’s not a “spotlight” blazing right into people’s faces saying “HEY! Here’s the right way to do things!”, but to illuminate is to be warm, inviting and genuine, in doing so we make ourselves approachable and it is then we can make a change in the lives of others by living a life of example so that others may see that there is still hope for a better future, to hold on and not give up knowing that ultimately, there is SOMETHING that holds EVERYTHING together.

Let hope inspire you. Keep it alive, treasure it and allow its radiant glow gently illuminate through your life and the life of others.


So, will YOU be the one to ILLUMINATE?

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