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Desperado September 17, 2008

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It’s like standing in the middle of the road

Seeing vehicles passing by so swiftly               

Yet no one seems to slow down to bother


We are so used to walking up and down the stairs


Days, weeks and months

No longer seems to matter


It still exists

The spirit of being there for each other

Time never confiscated it

But it is rather a test between us

To be able to hold each other’s hand

Through thick and thin


Let time freezes

And bring us back to the past

Did you see the rainbow above the clouds?

The grass is still green

The sun is still shinning

What about you?



One Response to “Desperado”

  1. yan kiat Says:

    this make me think of ‘desperate housewives’ LOL, and also alanna xD

    wow, you change ur blog’s theme layout, great job, enjoying viewing ur blog =)

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