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Value recognition September 26, 2008

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The few posts that have been published recently implied something-I am eager to slow down, slow down to enjoy everything that is beside me right now. Life has been hectic. It’s filled with homework, exams and social activities. Everyday, we are going back to the same routine: wake up, study, eat, play and sleep. We hardly reduce our pace to enjoy the morning breeze, to taste the freshness in food and to be thankful that we are alive today. Did you ever recognise the value of anything beside you? By chance, maybe? You see, we tend to take things in life for granted. That is why people say you don’t appreciate it until you lose it. When you lost it, you will start missing it. 

The past will become history and there will be no time machine to rewind it back. And, we only have one life. I know that human life are no longer the same as before. If we are not fast enough, we will be left behind and later on be eliminated from this realistic society. But, it is not an excuse for us not to slow down, at least for one day or one hour or even one minute to see each beauty in our life. Who knows this pit-stop will give us a different perspective about life. As for me, i will continue to start each weekend with a cup of tea. As I munch on my breakfast, I shall continue to enjoy the morning breeze with a dash of sunshine..

one step at the time, bL!nk$t@R.  



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