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10pm at Modesto September 27, 2008

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It’s 10 pm. Currently, I am blogging from Modesto, Centro. Beside me now is a glass of long island iced tea, a piece of chocolate cake and my mother. The music is blasting from the speaker right now and i hear different voices from the background, i.e. the noise of people chatting and laughing.. Yea, the air-conditioning is cold.. Let me give some comment on the chocolate cake: not creamy, not too sweet and most importantly

It's a magarita..

it’s ‘chocolate’ enough.. what a tantalising dessert.. It has been a long  time since I last enjoyed a piece of cake.. Seriously, I am here because i wanted to have a different environment to relax and do my things.. To me, different places instigate different thoughts..  I can see happiness in the face of most of the people here.. I guess this feeling only last for the night.. After going back home, everything will end and tomorrow will be a brand new day.. Maybe some of them was really under pressure during work time and wanted to look for a place to hide from for awhile.. Occasionally, I felt that it’s good to have something to pull us away from this realistic journey and hopefully we are able to live in the fairytale world as happy as we could just for that moment.. I guess many people are looking for that ‘something’ right now.. I shall throw all my worries in to the rubbish bin, go back and have a good sleep and pick those ‘rubbish’ back again when the time has come..

Sleep tight, bL!nk$t@R.


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