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Bon appetit! September 28, 2008

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Again, it’s Sunday. As usual, i woke up early and accompany my mum to the morning market and have breakfast. There will be some house chores to be done. When i was washing the porch outside, my sweat was dripping like hell as i scrub and scrub the floor. Lunch preparation was the next agenda. Slicing.. Sautéing.. Frying.. & walla!! The food is ready to be served.

Culinary arts and food have been one of my passion since secondary school and that is also a main reason why Asian Food Channel is my favourite channel. I do not know how i fell in love with this field. What I know is that i love seeing people preparing food. My favourite chefs? Emmanuel Stroobant of Chef in Black and Michael Smith of Chef at Large. Somehow, i also love doing experiment with food. I still remember the last time i am busy with my ‘invention’ is one day before my trial exam and i was crazy because i am suppose to do my revision instead of that. Anyway, it has been a pleasure to me. Now, with the ongoing break, i shall be investing more time in it..

Be a perficio chef with ♥, bL!nk$t@R.


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