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3 generations under one roof September 28, 2008

Filed under: 1 — blinkstar @ 9:47 am

Yesterday, our gang was having fun at our farewell gathering specially catered for the 17 & 18 years old people like us. Here we are, 3 generations being pulled together for one and only reason. It was a simple event filled with foodies, chit-chats and laughter. Yet, i was touched by their warm and genuine hospitality. Oh yea, the karaoke session in the dark was awesome although we kept skipping songs!! My utmost gratitude to those who were involved in the preparation of this event. I know that it has been a tiring night for all of you. Time flies and all good things come to an end. After fetching some of my friends back, it’s almost 12am when i reached home. tata..zzz ♣

Looking forward to our next gathering, bL!nk$t@R.


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