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One strike September 30, 2008

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Today, I met up with some friends to have lunch at a nearby shopping complex. The service was bad because foreign workers are employed instead of the local workers with much more experiences, perhaps to cut cost. After that, we went for bowling and 7 of us played 4 games straight. Yes, it has been a tiring one for our hands after bowling for 2 and the half hours non-stop.  

The ball is heading to the 'longkang'!!
The ball is heading to the ‘longkang’

Everytime one of us strikes, we will be clapping and shouting like hell as if we have won a lottery. Because of this, we will be expecting unusual stares from the others. Hehe.. Sometimes, it is not easy to get a strike unless you are a professional player. Don’t talk about that. if we are able to get a spare (half strike), we shall be laughing away already. Hehe.. Dreaming: Isn’t it wondeful to achieve continuous strikes in life? Everything goes as I wish. I am free to fly like a bird. How nice. Unfortunately, I will not choose this kind of life if i am given a choice. No kidding. Reasons? Dull, meaningless and i doubt it will happen. If there is no ups and downs, i will not know how lucky it is to be happy; If not for the luckiness, I will never know how to appreciate and because of this value, I know my life will not go this far without the people who walked into my life and walk me through till today. If the same question is asked, I am sure i will be giving the same answer regardless of when, whether it is 10 years or 50 years from now.

Time flies. The bowling session ended with 2 rounds of basketball shootout. I missed that basketball machine and this is one of my favourite game!! It was really syok although i suffer some pain now!! Thankz guys for the fun..

It's heavy you know.. Don't underestimate it!!


Feeling of the moment: Lucky by Jason Mraz & Cobbie Caillat

Signing off to pack my luggage, bL!nk$t@R.  



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