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Trust October 5, 2008

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~This is suppose to be a soon-to-be-completed song.. I’m still in the midst of composing its melody..

Something that is needed the most

was not here

I walk on the lonely path

wishing to disappear

                                                   The light seem to be dim                                                  

the hope was tiny

but i dare not give up

because God was there with me


One day onwards

may trust stand by me

which i needed the most

All this while 

my hands is empty 

waiting for it to guide me

As i wish upon the stars

Trust will be the best gift of all


Specially sketched for my poem..

Specially sketched for this song..

See those water drops from the roof.. It takes time for ‘trust; to arrive.. Possibly until the bucket of water is full.. God is just like the moon shinning on us despite the dark..


This piece is inspired by the past. Trust, is build with our own hands, not given by the others. This is what I believe. However sometimes, despite how much effort we put in, how much success we achieve, there is still little recognition. All we want is a continuous trust from people, not a temporary one. It is not a one day thing, perhaps a lifetime matter especially in a relationship. “Wash away the fears to trust..”

putting full trust on my hands, bL!nk$t@R.


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