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laugh or cry? October 13, 2008

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Last weekend: 1. Visited my teacher and we shared grandma stories 2. Ate at Michelangelo’s Kitchen and the Chicken Primavera Spagetthi tastes good although it’s not something really special but enough to tantalise my taste buds..

Monday blues~

Moot court is finally over!! Ms Katy Holmes is not guilty!! (Mel, don’t say you are innocent.. No one believes you.. hehe) Moot court was so fun because it’s more to role playing and acting, e.g. acting as a nerd which cause many bone-tickling moments.

It’s sad to get a bad news from the phone dealer saying that my phone needs to be repaired at an estimated cost of more than RM 100.. My phone was soaked in a bag of water and it will be a miracle if there is nothing wrong.. Sadly, no miracle. If there’s additional damage, i need to pay even more!! Oh gosh!! From today onwards, no lunch and no fun to save every cent for it.. No lunch? I don’t think i can get through the day without that meal.. argh.. can’t imagine.. You can infer something from here: No compensation for carelessness or unfortunate events. Anyway, i still need to wait for my phone’s autopsy report before i can know the exact amount to be paid..   

Oh yea, i’m still waiting for someone (not to mention) to treat me with a cup of venti Starbucks (the Java Chips one)!! 


Feeling of the moment: Burnin’ up by Jonas Brothers (good for releasing dissastifaction)

eagerly waiting for the autopsy report, bL!nk$t@R. 


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