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The Psycho of Dreams October 16, 2008

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Lately, i’m making myself a victim of ‘psycho’.. I know i’m always not concentrating in class especially during boring times.. However, it’s even worst now.. My mind is totally preoccupied with what i call my “Dream Plan”.. As teacher continues to write on the blackboard, my eyes are on the white board following her writing without a single blink!! It’s similar to how people daydream but slightly worst than that.. I was thinking and thinking.. Drawing out the plan, paying attention to each single detail, figuring out how to solve the problems and the list goes on.. Despite the fact that I can hear the teacher’s voice loud and clear, yet I am able to soak in my own dreamland.. Luckily, the teachers especially the fierce one did not notice it.. If not, don’t expect me to be ‘alive’ by now..

I really do not know how to describe my feelings.. For the past few days, I wasn’t able to sleep well despite i slept early.. Turing here and there.. Thinking this and that.. By the time i was able to take a good rest, the time has past midnight already.. This ended up me being so sleepy during the morning and class time.. If I am not having a high dosage of laughter, for sure you will be witnessing me lying on the table like a dead person.. Do you know, how tough is it to force myself to lift open that eyes to prevent it from shuting down? And, the heart is beating so slow causing insufficient oxygen to the brain which make matter worst.. I really want to give myself a good slap.. 

I know it’s not the right time to be having these thoughts now as my final exams are around the corner.. I am so eager to leave college as soon as possible to pursue my dreams but i am sure i will miss my friends there.. Somehow, i just don’t feel like studying anymore.. Study is not my cup of tea.. Nevertheless, since i’ve started this journey, i will persist till the end.. Dear dream, hide away for a while.. i shall be back soon..


Feeling of the moment: What about now by Chris Daughtry

Nothing can stop me, bL!nk$t@R.




2 Responses to “The Psycho of Dreams”

  1. yan kiat Says:

    for mine, i’m longing a different mode of study and lessons in my university life, cos a-level is dull, but nevertheless, everything has its good side and bad site.. that’s why we gotta pick the best one to do, perhaps it’s still quite irritating, e.g. studying, rite?
    however i’m getting bored with my study life, too, haha…
    that’s why once in a while we should request for some entertainment from Dragon 47… xD

  2. blinkstar Says:

    yea.. at least i have freedom in my study now.. it’s good because we become even more responsible as a student.. Anyway, hope that you have found your dream too..

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