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Singer-inspired notion October 23, 2008

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I was groggy.

As i flipped open yesterday’s newspaper

i saw a familiar face

It was Andrea Bocelli

An Italian operatic pop tenor

also one of my mum’s favourite

little did i know that he was blind

A singer with such powerful and inspiring vocals

has definitely touched my life


I reminded myself

how blessed i am

with all i have right now

there is no reason for fear to step in


How many people are satisfied with their life right now?

How many people blame their defeat due to the absence of an inborn talent?

How many people gave up just because of a minor error?


Many people felt that the road to success is smooth for an intelligent person and it takes little effort for them to succeed.  If you have this sort of mindset, you are wrong. Not only you are wrong, you will be a person who choose to lie to yourself and hide form the fact. If a person can get things right after 5 times of practice and we can only get things right after 50 times of practice, we practice it for 50 times. This is what i have been holding on for years till now. Don’t look down on yourself because of this and this is not an issue of fairness but rather a matter of hard work. Despite being criticised by numerous music critics, Andrea Bocelli is still standing on his stage today as a proud singer receiving standing ovations from the crowd. He treat his weakness as invisible and on the other hand projected his strength. Aren’t we suppose to do so??

Feeling of the moment: Can’t help falling in love by Andrea Bocelli
His voice is still ringing in my head, bL!nk$t@R.

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