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A letter to mum & dad October 25, 2008

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It is every parent’s hope that their children will become a successful person one day. Not excluding my parents too. When i was facing a major exam last year, there is only one thing in my mind: to pass the exam with flying colours in order to get a full scholarship for my tertiary education. Burdening my parents will be the last thing i would do.

That day, I was talking to my mum while watching tv. We were dicussing about some education-related stuff and she told me about one of the aunties’ children getting scholarship into Singapore and has been offered another scholarship to further his studies at France when he is yet to finish his degree. Her talented daughter was outstanding too as she was being offered scholarships by numerous universities and organisations to study music overseas. My mum told me that it was her daughter’s dream to open her own music academy in the future. Until here, my mind is already full of wah’s and wow’s. “I hope my daugther is able to go after her own dream too”. Within split seconds, my eyes became watery. Suddenly, my mind couldn’t interprete that sentence. You know, it never cross my mind that my mum will say such thing to me. I was really touched. I controlled myself but my tears still insist to flow down. Luckily, she did not notice it. All this while, probably that is the thing that i’m waiting for.

Mum and dad, I know both of you will be proud seeing me becoming a doctor, an enginneer or a lawyer. Unfortunately, I’m not destined for that. If i choose to become a doctor now, both of you will be on cloud nine, everyone around us will be delighted too. But, I am liar if i say I am happy. I know for sure what my passion is. I am certain about the life I yearn for. I even understand that you want me to have a good life ahead more than anyone else. Again, sorry for not being able to make you both the proudest parents of all.

Trust me, one day I will be back home with a big smile talking to you both about my soon-to-be-realised dreams. I may not be the person who gets world-class scholarships. I may not be the person who stands on top of the world. Yet, I will live my dreams instead of dreaming my life. Thank you so much for not being the parents who force their desires on their children. Both of you have done me a big favour. My biggest hope for now is to get a scholarship to enter university and to push myself towards the limit in this oncoming exam.

Feeling of the moment: Ku mahu kau tahu by Hujan

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One Response to “A letter to mum & dad”

  1. yan kiat Says:

    “tahniah su yi”, haha…
    seize every chance and may your wish come true =)

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