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An exclusive interview with Michael November 1, 2008

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Still remember that we have a question for Michael? Now the answer for this ultimate question will be revealed.. Check this out..

How on earth does he able to accomplish so much?

Ok, just for blinkstar, you can expect me to quote terms like ‘Passion, Drive and Dream.’ But, hey i am sure all those smart readers out there would have already known this tips. So, i am just going to reveal one tip that really worked for me in terms of excelling aside from those three criteria – Passion, Drive and Dream. That key tip is NETWORKs! Believe it or not, i got to where i am today, all thanks to the networks that i have formed in New Zealand alone. 

I believe in this world, we are no longer confined within the boundaries of ‘What You Know’, but it is ‘Who You Know’ and i would like to add another new principle to it. Its ‘Who Knows You Too!’ When i was in university, with a population of 20,000 students, being in New Zealand’s no.1 Business School can be a daunting reality. What are the chances of being selected for competitions and more over, being a foreigner, represent New Zealand?

Well, Networking! I got to meet some incredible business associates, CEOs and extraordinary students worldwide and from there, they link me to these opportunities. For example, a good friend of mine in National University of Singapore (Yes, the top 10 university in the world), mentioned about my portfolio to Harvard University, and then they invited me there. 

So its all down to Networks. When i was implementing my community projects for the global giant student-organisation – Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE), i was connected with the local businesses in New Zealand, hence we could easily an initiative to the community with their help! It really works!

its the people you know really!

How did i get into this AYA Awards in the first place? Well, i got inspired by the likes of Joel Neoh (Winner of The Firm) and Yvonne Foong (Winner of AYA Most Outstanding Youth 2005), and believe it or not, they actually motivated me to go for it! So again, its who you know, not what you know at this time, and who knows you too!

To sum it up! As the world gets more competitive, i believe the three criteria would be – Its also What You Know (But you need not be the Smartest), Who You Know, and Who Knows You Too! Remember, people need to be interested to know you, should they present opportunities to you! 

Thats my opinion! See you at the Awards Night!


Personally, I think that what Michael said is right. Networking does plays an important role. Take for example, a new product. If this product is very good but no one knows about it, it still remains as an odinary product. No matter how good it is, if nothing is done in terms of marketing and advertising, this product will not be generating sales and the benefits of the product cannot be spread. It needs the right company or people to promote it so that the consumers will acknowledge it.


Thankz Michael for the exclusive answer, bL!nk$t@R.


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