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Urusan Seri Paduka Baginda November 9, 2008

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Last week, when I was in the bathroom preparing to brush my teeth, my mother shouted for me saying that there’s a letter from the government for me. She was so anxious and wanted me to open it immediately to see what is it. By the way, it’s “Urusan Seri Paduka Baginda”.


When I opened it, I expected it to be something related to the National Service because I did not commit an offence nor did I runaway from paying taxes! The National Service is the only thing where I’m in a relationship with the government (can exercise natural justice). Out of the blue, I received a certificate. Yes, it’s a certified cerficate. I really felt like laughing when I saw it.


You know, I wasn’t able to crack my mind to understand why the government is wasting the taxpayers money on this kind of stuff especially when the we are in the face of global economic downturn. Aren’t we suppose to hold our money bag tight and think twice before we spend? Let’s look closer, this is what they called the “Postponement Certificate”, something that does not add feather to our cap.


As usual, the government servants are slow at handling things because most of them just love dily-dalying. I sent in my appeal form since January 2008 and guess what, the black and white is only ready on 20 October 2008 when my studies are ending soon. Does it serve its purpose?


With the release of RPK, the injection of $7 billion into the economy as well as celebrating the wining of America’s first black president, may Malaysia continues to prosper.. 



2 Responses to “Urusan Seri Paduka Baginda”

  1. me again Says:

    i also got it.. damn it

  2. yan kiat Says:

    i never know postponement also got certificate, kinda weird, lol

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