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11/11/08 November 11, 2008

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1111, a day dedicated specially to my Economics paper. “Please stop writing. If you continue to write, it will be an act of cheating”, as the chief invigilator announced. My blood pressure was high as I can feel the blood rushing up to my brain because I was struggling to finish the last sentence in my essay. The last few minutes of the exam was really a nerve-wrecking moment with the heart beating rapidly. Thank God it is finally over.

By the way, today is the first time in my life that I got a ‘saman’ for not buying a parking ticket. Usually, I will buy it immediately after parking the car. I just don’t know why today I somehow don’t feel like buying the ticket since I did not see those enforcement officers around lately. Actually, I did reminded myself to come out to buy the ticket after exam. However, I seem not to bother about it and continue to stick my face in front of the computer screen to do some printing work.

As usual, I get into the car and drove back home. On the way home, I heard some irritating sound kind of like a paper hitting against some solid object. At first, I thought I did not close the window tight. However after checking, the windows are sealed. Then, only I realised that there’s a paper on the left of the windscreen flapping against the wind. After taking a closer look, it’s a SAMAN!! I was so unlucky as this is my first time I’m not buying a parking ticket.


For your information, if next time you do get a saman in Subang Jaya, do not pay the fine! Who said so? People from Subang Jaya said so, people who are not from Subang Jaya also said so. What you can do is either you throw that paper away into the rubbish bin or use it as a rough paper if you love the environment (Good advice).

P/S: I got caught by my mentor during class when I was scribbling on YL’s saman and she was giggling away.. 

Dear WC: Keep holding on, never give up, you know that I’ll always be there supporting you..


A day to be remembered, bL!nk$t@R.


One Response to “11/11/08”

  1. me me Says:

    wa.. so unlucky ar… but then for sure u will get good result lo..haha

    btw keep that saman…. just in case..

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