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Drama: Wayward Kenting November 19, 2008

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Title: 我在墾丁*天氣晴 / Wo Zai Kenting * Tian Qi Qing
English title: Wayward Kenting

Main Characters: 

Recognition: Best Screenplay 2008 at the 43rd Golden Bell Award









I fell in love with this drama since its second episode!! Some may say that this drama is hard to understand or it is somehow meaningless.. But trust me you have to be in the situation and feel it to understand the story. This is not any typical idol drama. It narrates a story about the life beside the sea, a boy who only knows and love surfing until he realises that surfing is his biggest dream as well as the life and love story of each character. Kenting which is a place is Taiwan is deemed to has one of the best beaches and seas. According to the drama, travelling to Kenting can heal our injured soul and dump away our sorrows and blues.. It is undeniable that the feeling translated by this movie is none other than true and pure. Because it goes back to the most natural feeling of humans, it is able to touch the viewers’ heart.

Despite the various setbacks in life, look at the blue blue sky with a dash of sunshine, surf and splash in the crystal clear sea water or even lay down on the beach and enjoy the cool breeze as you talk through the night.. After all, isn’t life great? 




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