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The secret weapon of L4 November 20, 2008

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Since I promised to wrote about her after our exams, now i shall fulfill it..

Basically, ‘there’s a girl that doesn’t talk much throughout the whole year, glad to know her- Yee Lynn’ (I copied it directly from the comment. Yee Lynn, this is what you want me to say, right?). You know, this girl who actually drives a white Myvi to college is very good except the fact that:

  • she skips Maths class more than she attends it (a little exaggeration)
  • she dare to label the rub-blackboard-teacher a b***h and tell our English teacher
  • she wrote a complain to the college about the computers and email it to almost all the management officers which results in the Chief Information Officer stepping into The Web to meet her personally


But after all, she is such a nice friend and our secret weapon too.. She is so quiet when she don’t talk, our classmates and teachers knew it. She loves Mr Mad’s tie so much that she think he is damn gorgeous and probably the most gorgeous person she ever met in her own life. I guess when Mr Mad is teaching acccounts, she is starring at his tie only (sweat.”). Accounting=Tie? It’s illogical.

By the way, asking Yee Lynn to attend Economics class is like asking her to bang her head on to the wall and she rather bleed to death. Once, she unintentionally spit out the word ‘SHIT!’ so loud that our Econs teacher heard it and these are what she got from our Econs teacher: “Say that again (In a fierce tone)?” and a ferocious stare from her. You can imagine the weather was not good on that day with some occasional lightning strikes. This is what i called ‘Buy 1 free 2’. Worth it.

Next up, it’s Ah Chong. This man who married a Taiwanese lady as his wife is so soft-spoken and patient in the class. But, it’s not always so. About his teachings, erhem.. Not that bad, he is still a knowlegeable person. This is his signature reaction when you are late to class: As you step into the classroom,  he will ask “Why late?” as he point to his watch and show you that unpleasant look with some frown lines on his forehead. Everyone remembers that. That’s why we can understand why Yee Lynn did not attend his class. Pity her. All of us too.

Overall, she should be awarded the ‘Best Student’ award for her love towards her friends and loyalty towards her teachers. Right, Yee Lynn?


Feeling of the moment: The time of my life by David Cook (Btw, he is Yee Lynn’s date)

Don’t miss me, bL!nk$t@R.


2 Responses to “The secret weapon of L4”

  1. secret agent Says:

    till some points that u mention above.. i have to agree… form my “investigation” as an observer… i did write a report about YL as mention to the headquarters to point out how beneficial is her classmates for having her around the class … fooling around and have some unpredictable things happen, unavoidable trouble and unnecessary “event” may happen anytime at anywhere….

    with her buddy whom they were together …. closely… as friends… both of them are like twins…. in the sense of h****t, siz, attitude, fashion, taste, …. and the list goes on… and that makes them a perfect “domestic partner” hahaha….

    o well..i’ll stop here… to avoid being scolded too much from partiess…. o well..

    hope to see another report again..


  2. David Cook Says:

    Thanks for commenting my GD, maybe she’s my wife
    Where’s the pretty, elegant, gorgeous, kind…part?
    U had have leave it out
    is no good to mislead your readers, perhaps they may thought that my babe is short and ugly, in fact she’s tall and pretty, of course she’s goods in every aspect. That’s how our love are build, both talented ppl had become an item

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