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GP 506 November 25, 2008

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I thought of the movie that I and my friends have watched last week. It was after dinner at the Friendster Cafe, we were walking in the mall as the shops are closing. Suddenly, one of us suggested that why don’t we go and watch a movie. I said great! Hehe.. Finally, we decided to watch a horror movie during the midnight (at first someone was reluctant to do so). This movie, GP 506 is Korean-made. The plot concerns Guard Point 506, where an entire squad of soldiers have been killed in mysterious circumstances, bar one survivor who’s in a coma. Military Investigators are dispatched to the base, and discover they’re dealing with a virus that turns humans into ravenous flesh-eating killers!

Seriously, this movie is not horrifying but rather geli which is what we used to say in Malay when you see the virus multiplying on the skin. At first, I can’t really understand the storyline as it changes between the present and past without us noticing. When it is near to the end, then only I realised what is going on. 

Basically, this movie has a unique story compared to other horror movies. However, I think that Koreans are still better in directing romantic dramas. They still have much to learn from the Thais and Americans concerning horrific stuffs. 

Our movie outing ended at 2am. At that time, there’s only 2 cars at the car park. Scary. 


Love to watch horror movie at 12am, bL!nk$t@R.



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