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Start Up Camp November 26, 2008

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I am absolutely honoured to be a part of the Start Up Camp 2008 which is done in a true unconference fashionstartupcampbadge at the Plug and Play Center, The Gardens, KL. Do you know what is so amazing about this occasion? It’s the people that I’ve met whether it’s the veterans or grassroots, from the investigative to the creative ones, each and everyone of them is remarkable. I said so not because of they are some brilliant guys but rather their burning passion, their recurring obsession or even the inextinguishable zeal that has enthused me.

First on the list, Mr Alex Siew. Drum roll please~ This guy who used to be a lecturer of Computer Science in KDU College for 8 years has actually invented a software which is able to invest in the stock market by itself! Cool man! Its accuracy ranges from 65-80%. He was asking me:” What if you have RM5000 and after investment you get another RM5000?” I was thinking that this is really quite good compared to the current bank interest rate that is barely 3%. The most we will get is 3.7% provided that it’s a fixed deposit. However, there is a risk, for sure. As the saying goes, no risk, no gain. In the future, if I have sufficient cash, I will definitely give him a call. By the way, he told me that KDU pays one of the highest salaries to its lecturers. 

Next up is Sharief. Oh this guy, his hair is definitely his selling point. For God’s sake, his hair is being blasted by the bomb added on with curls, somesort similar to the retro hairstyle where the blacks used to have. From his face, I can’t make up my mind whether is he a Malay or an Indian. So, I asked him. His reply was:” I don’t know what is my race”. Duh.. Forget about it. Then, I asked for his religion. Are you an Islam? “No no.. Oh yes when I was born, then later not anymore”. A free thinker? “Not really”. His mind-boggling answer is going to blow me up. How can a person not know his race or religion? How can an Islam turn to a non-Islam in his later years? Isn’t it weird? 

On top of that, I met Khailee from, Michael from, Carmen from 4Play magazine, Kent Lau and so on. I will talk about them in my upcoming posts.

The programme was nothing but fantastic. I managed to learn stuffs that cannot be found in our daily lectures and textbooks such as the 8 i framework. Each session is an essence, trust me. There is a rule where we are suppose to vote with our feet whereby if you feel that you cannot contribute anything or add value to yourself, it is polite to walk out and drop in to another session. An interesting rule.

If you do have a chance to participate in it, don’t miss out.


A casual yet impressive event, bL!nk$@R.



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