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Paintball Battle December 2, 2008

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11 humans gathered at the park beside the picturesque lake to battle it out.. Before the rest arrive, I was wandering around the place.. I actually walked in from the junction and it took me around 15 minutes to reach inside.. I never thought the place was so serene, quiet and peaceful.. Along the way, I saw many avid urbanites fishing patiently.. The place is such a nice spot to rest and relax and to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city although it is located near the city..


After handling some reigstration matters, the paintball meeting begins with a briefing session by the marshall..


Here are our ‘tools’: markers, masks and not forgetting our protective vests..


When the groups are divided and everyone is prepared, our battle begins.. Those who are hitted by the paintball have to raise their hands and surrender themselves as well as those who are out of ‘bullets’ unless you are able to get some of it from your team mates.. When all the team members of a group has been busted, here comes the champion of the war..

Wakaka.. our team won the 2 wars although we have less members.. Due to the lack of bullets, the rules of the last game has some changes.. The name of the game: Zombie.. Even though one has been shooted, he/she can still continue to play by returning to the base, touch it and continue the fight until he is out of bullets.. Then, it’s game over.. 

This is how the field looks like with the barriers..


And, the shooting range..


It was a tiring outing.. By the way, the gun (marker) is really heavy.. Me and Kw end our day with a plate of Rojak and a bowl of Cendol at SS 15.. Long queue..



There’s gain and pain, bL!nk$t@R.




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