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Cheerful=Smile :+> December 7, 2008

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” Look at me, I’m healthy enough! What do you want more? “

This phrase struck my head as I’m flipping through the newspaper while listening to this man’s short chat with my mum. We have just finished our breakfast. As usual, this Indian man goes around selling lottery tickets from table to table. Do yu know what is so special about him? Everytime he reaches a table, he will greet people ‘Good morning’ with a warm smile filled with honourable mannerism. It’s kind of hard to find such a person these days.

The impression this man gave us is that he is full of postive energy and from his looks, he is barely 40 years of age. Guess what? He told us he is already 57 years old and has a 36 years old son! I wonder how he maintains his youth. After a brief interrogatory session with him, he revealed that he is a karate instructor by profession and selling lotteries is not his part-time job, but rather his past time activity. He enjoys selling lotteries not because of the money factor. According to him, he loves meeting people with different character which is the reason why he is holding those tickets walking around now.

My mum was realating to him about the lotteries which have earned him a pile of money. And here comes this phrase:” Look at me, I’m healthy enough! What do you want more? ” What he said is absolutely true. Satisfaction is the door to happinness. Material wealth is nothing compared to a healthy body and a loving family. I am a health-conscious person and that’s why i’m particular about what goes into my mouth but that does not stopping me from enjoying an array of delicacies. Enjoying life doesn’t need to forgo little things along the way. The key to this is by realising our limits. In other words, we should know when to stop and don’t overdo it.

If I have the chance, I really would like to ask him his secret behind his cheerfulness and his everlasting smile. I also noticed that he loves complimenting people at the right time. There’s a saying: “A timely word may level stress, a loving word may heal and bless”. His smile and a small talk with him will definitely brigthen a person’s day.

Feeling of the moment: Love Bug by Jonas Brothers

Life is short but a smile takes barely a second, bL!nk$t@R.

P/s: It takes 26 muscles to smile, and 62 muscles to frown.


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  2. David Cook Says:

    why ur smiley face dao gai eye one

  3. David Cook Says:


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