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of Starbucks & cheesecakes December 10, 2008

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These are some of the pictures I took when I was loitering around KL last week..

We stopped by the Starbucks at Berjaya Times Square and that was one of the best Starbucks that I have been through.. Oh yea, it consisits of the ground and upper floor.. Cosy ambience + Plush sofas.. Thumbs up!


This is the Dark Cherry Mocha Frappuccino~ Quite a strong flavour of cherry 

pa270160This is the Promegenate Juice~Satisfy those who loves fruity stuffs.. Not to sweet but just nice..


When we was making a beeline for Pavillion, we stumbled upon The Loaf.. For your information, The Loaf is founded by Tun Dr Mahathir.. Basically, it is a bakery that serves an assortment of pastries, breads and so on..


I guess this place must have been famous for its miniature cheescake-in-cup with different toppings or flavours.. This is added with a slice of strawberry topped with strawberry sauce somesort like our jam.. It looks appetising..


This is how it looks inside after I ‘digged’ into it.. Yes, we shall not judge a book by its cover.. But this book not only has an impressive cover page, its content is definitely well-written and inspring.. The crust below the cheesecake is awesome.. Each layer combined to bring together a perfect combination.. I cross my heart that it will certainly won’t disappoint you..


Another interesting one: Green Tea.. It’s top is  presented in a chequered style..



I am looking forward for my next trip down KL as I’m in search for the next yummy stuff.. *laughing in my dreams*


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