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The man who made it possible December 11, 2008

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” What an amazing day that was. Couldn’t believe it. Seeing the 99 Pounds logo with Big Ben in the background, my dream came true that day.

From the moment I went to boarding school in London at the age of 12, I wanted to come home the next day hahahaha. But my parents said it was too expensive. So my quest began…

Selling 25,000 seats and seeing the publicity we got, was something else. As I always say “Believe the unbelievable, dream the impossible and never take no for an answer”. It was a proud day for me and a proud day for Malaysia.”

The above piece is an excerpt from one of Dato’ Tony Fernandes’ blog post. Still remember AirAsia’s tagline-Everyone can fly? Because of this man, he made it possible for all of us especially those who never have a chance to board an aircraft. Flying on an airplane is no longer a luxury enjoyed by the upper class of the society. All because he believed in his dream. He persisted even though people labelled him as a fool. Who would ever thought that he is able to revive an airline company that is hugely in debt? In just 6 years time, AirAsia is now synonymous to low cost travel thanks to its right branding strategy.

Everybody has a dream irrespective of what is it as long as it is something you want to achieve, you hope for or your wish. Anything. The question is, How many people will really hold on to their aspirations until they succeed in accomplishing it? I do not know the answer but most probably a majority of them will give up along the way. Many people tend to have this perception that dreamers are often building castle in the air and it is impossible for them to realise it. If it is so, AirAsia will not exist today.

action-drop-of-waterDon’t ever let go your dreams just because someone shook their head. You won’t want to regret for a lifetime. If this post strikes a chord right now, yes that invisible stuff that has been hiding in one part of your brain, write it down right now. Talking about this, it prompt me to relate some details about Mr Kent Lau. As I’ve mentioned earlier in my previous post, I met this guy in person at the Start Up Camp. A few years back, Kent was facing doom and gloom in his life that incited him to commit suicide. Now, he is a motivation guru who helps people with similar problems to move on with their lives backed with his own experience. I asked him, what saves him from the border of life and death and he replied that it’s the books. During the trough of his life, he started reading books and those stuffs woke him up. Since then, I know that book can be a good doctor.

Going back, the reason why we should write these things down is because if we don’t do so, there is a possibility of 99% that it won’t become a reality. This is what Kent had taught me. From there, we shall start writing down the details and so forth. Later on, the big word comes in-ACTION. Needless to say, all of us know that. If you have already make up your mind, hesitate no more. Start your engine and get your ass off the road.

To wrap things up, it boils down to your belief. We have to possess the faith from the beginning till the end. Just like what Tony have said: “Believe the unbelievable”. It will be a road full with bumps and poth holes, but the reward will definitely be fulfilling. If you are still struggling to decide whether to pursue your dream or not, this is for you by Nike: ‘JUST DO IT!’ 


Feeling of the moment: We believe by Good Charlotte

‘Believing is Seeing’, bL!nk$t@R.




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