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'RambLink$' about f@ces & pL@ces“ “ December 14, 2008

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A leaflet caught my attention this morning. Greyish in colour with some yellow wordings at the bottom and a tiny square in the middle. ‘Find out how this small box could bring more businesses, visitors, friends or even enemies to your website, blog, facebook or friendster!’ What the heck is it? I was asking myself. After flipping to the other side, then only i found out that it is about 2 guys promoting their pixel advertising business. 2 guys named James and Alex who are known as Two Madness founded the website to venture into their pixel advertising business. It fascinates me.

Pixel advertising is something fresh to the industry and it is something noteworthy in the upcoming years. With RM1 per pixel, we are able to advertise on that website. Yes, only RM1 for an advertisement that will last for at least 3 years or even a lifetime. Isn’t it worth it? You can promote your blog, website or social networking site such as facebook. They were aiming to sell 2 million pixels to earn RM 2 million! That’s a lot man! Check it out!



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