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Giving December 16, 2008

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With the looming credit crunch, retrenchment is happening everywhere even in multinational companies. Most of us will be on a shoestring budget although festive seasons are around the corner. No more splurging and it is obvious that we have to be wise in spending each penny. Hold on, does that mean we have to stop giving?

Probably some of us will think twice before donating out our hard-earned money especially when times are bad now. If we are already in this kind of situation, how about the less fortunate ones? Less funds will be coming in and this will have an enormous impact on homes and orphanages that depend heavily on public funds.

Donating money is one thing. Sincerity is another matter. Since Christmas is in the air, I believed that what these children need is not only lavish gifts to accompany them. What is more important is our love to defrost their icy cold heart, our care to let them know that they will never be alone. We have a home, but not them. Due to family breakdown, some of them do not even know how does a home feels like.

Do you know what is the difference between a home and a house? A home is a house with a family living within it. Nonetheless, a house will forever remain as a building structure that will only shed us from rain but not pain if no family exists, just like an empty shell. You see, a home is built based on the invisible love which surrouds the family. I still remember this girl from one of the homes I went to who told me that she cannot go home despite the fact that it is Chinese New Year. If you do have a home, don’t hesitate to go back nor should you give any excuse because there is where you belong to. 

I remember fondly about the kids that I met in Cambodia. They are barely 7 years old and who would have thought that they will be out there making a living in this dog eat dog world. Several of them even have to carry their younger siblings with them as they walk around pleading for money. Those of you who have been there will know what am I talking about. From that day onwards, it is certain that the importance of education is undeniable. Money supplements them but only education is able to pull them out of the circle of poverty. 

Giving is an act of kindness that originates from the heart irrespective of what deeds. A slump in the economy should not be a hindrance for us in spreading joy even a prayer for them helps a lot. Lets pray and hope that these kids will have a better life.


Feeling of the moment: Nobody’s home by Avril Lavigne

Bit by bit do make a difference, bL!nk$t@R. 


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