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If life is a celebration.. December 23, 2008

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The Yuletide season will be knocking on our doors very soon. Perhaps many of us especially those who are celebrating Christmas are busy doing their last minute shopping to ensure that nothing has been left out. Isn’t it great to have festive seasons like Christmas everyday? Everyone has fun and there is nothing to worry about even the tiny little bits that bother us day in day out. When it’s time to party till we drop, who cares about the work or study? Who would want to? 

If life is a celebration, sorrows and blues will hide behind the heart and swear that they will never appear. If life is a celebration, no one shall hear the sound of millions of children in hunger yelling for help. If life is a celebration, smile is our only face expression.

Life is not a celebration though. The hectic schedule of life never give us a break once the roller coaster ride begins, not even a second to breath. The fact is simply because we cannot stop. The stop is equivalent to ‘the end’. That’s why many blue and white collar men are forced to bow to this cruel reality of life.

It is possible for life to be a celebration. Our mindset will be the miracle. If we tend to view life with a negative perspective, our life will be a chaos. On the other hand, if we chose to see the bright side of everything, we are already celebrating our lives. It is inevitable that tragic and sadness will set foot into our journey. But, there is no need to make a fuss out of it. Remember, when God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.

It is time to remove the negative lenses if you are still wearing it. We are born to this world not to grumble nor to worry. Just enjoy the journey along the way. Fret not, we can laugh and cry as we like. However, when the day is over, sleep tight and when the sun rises,  it’s a brand new day! Another celebration is on because we are still alive!

If life is a celebration, it is we ourselves who made it possible. 



Feeling of the moment: 无乐不作 by Van Fan Yi Chen

A new day is born. Let’s CELEBRATE..”, bL!nk$T@R.


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