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Sailing off January 8, 2009

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2009.. It’s like concoting cocktail using Bacardi without a recipe as you browse through each and every song in ‘Spirit’ from A to Z by Leona Lewis.. Unpredictable with a little hope floating around.

The onset of this new year did not give me a strong feeling of rush or eagerness. Crawling from bumper to bumper in a traffic congestion will be the best to describe that feeling. I rather be a slow coach, strictly not intensified by the suroundings yet ensuring that the temper and soul remains peaceful. As each scenary passes me by, i’ll slow down to ensure that each beauty is etched in my memory without flowing away just like the stream by the river.

Probably college starts later than usual or maybe i’m sick of lazing at home with some occasional hangouts with a group of buddies or any other reasonable excuses. No definite answer.

Last year was full of anticipation and excitement because of curiosity, no doubt. Typically, I love how my life swings here and there like a monkey during 2008. However, a bad habit was implanted into my body thus weakening my conscience. Internet was the culprit. Of course, I’m totally addicted to online stuffs and it did not let me go even the examination heat is on. After all, I should give myself a good slap to wake myself up. Doctor, some vaccination please.

I know where my aim is this year. I know where will my heart resides this 2009. The on and off fear made me unsure on whether to pursue this thing in 2009. Anyway, as I sail along, without the steering wheel, I believe the boat knows where I am heading to. 


Feeling of the moment: Run by Leona Lewis

To be or not to be, bL!nk$t@R.



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