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X,Y & Z January 15, 2009

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His heartbeat is weakening

The pulse is barely felt

When will he recover?

Can I see him at the playground again?

Or, is God taking him away?

Answer me, please.


21 hours ago

he was learning the letter ‘W’

“Yeah! 3 more letters to go!”, he exclaimed joyfully

He can’t wait to tell papa and mama

He is eager to learn

He knew

Maybe one day he could save the world


21 hours later

everything crashed into pieces

including his home

and some of his bones

Despite the pain

he recalls back

3 alphabets – X, Y and Z


I wish it was ketchup 

not blood

I wish it was rain

not tears



Inspiration: The Invasion of GazaIf you are one of the kids there, how would you feel like? All of them have the right to live, why give them a bleak future? They are INNOCENT.

Innocence is not guilty, bL!nk$t@R.


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