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My Cooking Journal February 5, 2009

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5 Feb 2009

1.30 pm: Shopping for ingrediants at the supermarket. Bought capsciums, button mushrooms, aubergine, bacon, ham, and baguette. No stock on sour cream again.

3.30pm: Lunch @ mamak.

4.30pm: Back home to prepare the necessary ingrediants for tonight’s dinner. Chopped a lot of stuffs with an aching hand. 

5.30pm: Rest.

6.30pm: Cooking up a ‘storm’ in the kitchen. The mosquitoes are irritating.

7.30pm: Dinner served.

Menu of the night

  1. Pasta Aglio Olio with capsciums, button mushrooms, tomatoes and chilli flakes with a squeeze of lemon juice
  2. Grilled aubergine
  3. Grilled salmon marinated with black pepper and sea salt

 Acompanying bevarage: Lager beer


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