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Championing kicKboXing February 11, 2009

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This is an article personally written by Hannah Lo on NikeWomen’s website:

Hi! My name is Hannah Lo and I’m a kickboxer. Usually when I tell people that I’m a kickboxer, 9 times out of 10 they are really surprised. I think they don’t quite believe it. I’m not what most people imagine a kickboxer to look like.

Taking up kickboxing as seriously as I have was never something I had even thought about, until it found me. That was only 2 years ago. But kickboxing really made me believe in myself. 

Facing challenges and experiences that were new and a bit scary and actually getting through it, I started to believe that anything was possible and that nothing is out of reach. 

When I’m in the ring, I think of myself as a great kickboxer, throwing amazing punches and kicks, defeating my opponent. 

But I have to train hard to be able to deliver. 

I find that kickboxing works on my flexibility, endurance, strength, coordination, and stamina. Within just an hour, I can improve and work on so many different aspects of keeping fit.

And if you’re serious about getting into the sport, I have some advice. Know what your strengths are and how to use them to the best of your ability. Determination and discipline are essential. But what’s most important is that you believe in yourself completely. Just like I do every day.

Come back to hear what it was like to throw my first punch. 


No beating around the bush. So, this is about kickboxing. This happened a year ago when I was at Nike’s “‘This is Love” event which is an all-woman affair. The moment I saw those kick-boxers punching and kicking at the punch bag, I know I had fell in love with this sport. It was so instantaneous, a love at first sight. I guess not only their swift yet powerful moves impressed me. What truly inspires me is that these kickboxers are females. Not guys.

All this while, female has been perceived as a weaker human being compared to a male. If a woman is to climb up the corporate ladder where the guys are dominating, it will still be an uphill task even till today. Just like what Hannah said, 9 out of 10 people will be surprised to know that she is a kickboxer. The fighting spirit of these women has reassured me that what boys can do, girls can do better (No offence intended). We girls lack nothing, only the courage to stand up and proof to the world.Serena Williams Nike Ad Campaign

There’s no point sitting around and blabbing to the world that how we are being treated inequally. We have to start the ball rolling by doing something purposeful. It may be tough, but we will definitely reap what we have sowed. Just do it!

Hannah’s article title was also equally impressive – Believe to Become. I believed that we can’t do something and excel in it if we do not have the faith in ourselves. Convincing our mind that we have the ability to achieve is the utmost and foremost thing to do. Who would ever thought that a girl who has only trained for 2 years is already on her way towards the World Kickboxing Championship? The win or lose game is of no great concern as she has already made us proud in the international arena.

Because of Hannah, I am so determined to pick up kickboxing as one of my future challenges. Honestly, I can’t wait. My enthusiasm has been there queueing up to await the arrival of some funds to kickstart me. After graduation? Argh! A result of not being financially independant. Okey-dokey.

P/s: Hannah has one of the sleekest arms that I’ve ever seen! Oh my, can’t wait to be like her!!


Storing it in my heart for now, bL!nk$t@R.



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