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Pathetic February 20, 2009

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I’m ‘brain-dead’ for almost 3 months. Books are totally out of my life until recently I forced myself to pick up some of those academic stuffs to read upon before I become an absolute idiot. Those daily newspapers did save me and it wasn’t that bad after all because i’m still learning English through the mighty internet. 

Pathetic-the only word that I can used to describe the political scene in Bolehland. All sorts of tactics are in play just to pull the current govenrment down. What a shame! Neither BN or PR will I support. Please don’t get me wrong because I am not sitting on the fence. The main criteria I will look at is the representative himself regardless of which party he hails from be it his character, attitude, capability and so on. As for Elizabeth Wong, it is needless for her to resign because she did nothing unlawful and this is her privacy. Yea, how can someone debate about democracy when one is denied the right to privacy which is a part of rule of law?

Almost a year ago during the election, Pakatan Rakyat is championing about competency, accountability and transparency (CAT) as the current government is lacked of these key criterias that made the people lost faith in them. No doubt, quite much progress have been made since the PR government took office. But this doesn’t mean that PR is a great party. Let me clarify this. Don’t ever say that there’s no corruption or any other sensitive issues between them. Maybe they are not as worst as BN. However, the main thing that pissed me off is many of these PR representatives tend to vote along party line. A true representative should be the one who voices the truth irrespective of whether it will disadvantage the particular party or not. Yet, some of them who are courageous enough to stand up and speak up their mind are sidelined and eventually being kicked out from the party. This is ridiculous. Anyway, thumbs up for Karpal Singh who preaches the facts and fight on behalf of the people. Justice will forever remain a word in the dictionary and it will never prevail if no action is done.

By the way, there is no offence against anyone or any party. It is merely my two cents worth of thought. If one day Malaysia could wipe out the political party system, I believed by that time at least everyone are of the same heart. 


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