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Gold and glitter March 2, 2009

Filed under: 1 — blinkstar @ 11:07 pm

I’m wet after the downpour. It was a heavy one. I have to run under the rain without an umbrella as usual because the weather these days are really unpredictable. Anyhow, I am not that type of person who likes bringing an umbrella wherever I go because it somehow fills up the space in your bag or knapsack, not to mention about our academic bibles that is as thick as a brick. By the way, the umbrella, especially a black one reminds me of a person, an evil person.

Talking about the weather, the earth’s future is worrying me. I can’t imagine how the sky is in 20 years time. More droughts? More floods? The future pillars of our country will suffer as a consequence of our profit-oriented actions. Money, money and money. It is something essential in sustaining our lives but at the same time it may destroys one’s ethic and value as well as degrading a person. Be it corruption or power, all related to that. When someone goes beyond the point of  greed, that means he is willing to betray his own conscience to make gold and glitter his best friend. By then, his world will be materialistic and cold-blooded without a sign of warmth. A wise man once said: “The desire for money is the root of all evil“. Isn’t it true? People around us will be pretentious who appear to be nice but after all they are just a rotten apple inside.  They are similar to vampires except the fact that they suck money but not blood.

Sometimes, after losing everything, then only we will realise what is truly important to us. 


Money is a necessity, not a  desire, bL!nk$t@R.


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