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Feedback on Ad March 6, 2009

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I got up early in the morning today and headed towards KL near Raja Chulan for a focus group meeting. Something new to me indeed. To be specific, this is actually a feedback session on one of their advertisement handled by Grey Group which is a worldwide organisation focusing on media, advertising and public relations. Among their notable clients are Procter & Gamble (the largest consumer goods company in the world), Shell and The Curve.

Bascically, they wanted the youths’ opinions and view points on their ad as this particular advertisement is targeting the Generation Y.  Still remember an ad you saw on tv which has a pink bunny that flows through the girl’s arm and 2 mood-contrasting songs were played at the same time? Ok, it’s that Digi ad about its Music Telegram service where you can send mobile contents to anyone for a particular fee.digi

Frankly speaking, the ad was kind of irritating because of the bunny and the 2 songs. One thing good about this is it is definitely attention-grabbing. By not looking at the ad, we will be attracted by the music and somehow lifts up our head to check out what is it all about. Although so, I don’t find the connection between the ad and its service. In plain words, I don’t understand what Music Telegram is by looking at their ad. The message is not clear and concise unless you read the description. In actual fact, the group wanted to unwrap the message of ‘connect and share’. So, what is your outlook on this ad?

It is a fact that I admire those lasses from the advertising industry. Marketing or branding a particular product or service for a firm especially a huge one is never an easy feat. The creative juice has to flow constantly and sometimes there will be a point where you have to crack your brain just to tackle a mind-boggling task. Another common thing is that they used to stay up till the wee hours of the morning or even have sleepless night in order to meet the deadline. This industry is absolutely challenging as it is similar to a perpetually revolving room, going through an evolution in line with globalisation. Progress occurs when changes happened, something I believe strongly in.

p/s: Grey Group’s office uses a glass board to write on, not the typical white board.


Feeling of the moment: Run by Leona Lewis

It’s great to be a part of changes, bL!nk$t@R.



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