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The beginning of uni life March 9, 2009

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University life ain’t easy as it deemed to be. Imagine, swimming in a sea of assignments and the soon-to-arrive nightmare on exams, I don’t dare to give it a further thought. Then why does every Tom, Dick and Harry seems to have a degree? It gives us an impression that obtaining a tertiary qualification is as easy as pie. Okay. Roman wasn’t built in a day, obviously. You see, how foolish I am to think that I no longer need to struggle and could sail through this stage as I lay back and enjoy the blue blue sky. The beautiful dream is over, wake up (slapped myself!).

The moment those lecturers bombarded us with high failure rates and those nerve-wrecking stuffs (Eg. Reading a 6cm thick textbook plus other additional materials which is a must to gain better understanding), immediately the adrenaline rush begins and all I know later is that fear has conquered me. Give me a break please, it has been 12 years already. Apparently, this time it will be a harder nut compared to before.

I don’t know. Maybe it is too early to get to the bottom line now. Please proof me wrong once again. My past experiences told me that I need not believe in the preface of the story and shall keep the judegment to myself first because the content is usually much more better than what I have expected. My instinct tells me to open the book, read on and I shall seek the truth. This story will be a relatively long one. I will finish reading it though, albeit tough. By then, everything shall be revealed.


Don’t judge a book by its cover, bL!nk$t@R.


2 Responses to “The beginning of uni life”

  1. Yee Lynn Says:

    my new link

  2. westwood Says:

    Your eloquence leads me to think that you wont have too much trouble with the whole university business.

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