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Childhood memories March 18, 2009

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I remember, I’m always looking forward to play outside of the house during the dusk, when I was young. There we are, playing all sorts of games with a group of multi-cultural friends within the same neighbourhood. Those games: stones, marbles, square-jumping as well as congkak, all happened on that particular road in front of my house. Kids like me will often bank on our bikes to transport us to our destination. If i’m not mistaken, everyone has a bike. My heart will definitely sank down whenever I can’t be with them due to some obligations. Oh yea, we play kites too. I even made them and hopefully it will fly high up in the sky one day!

Occasionally, when the neighbourhood is in silence especially before rainfall, I will take the opportunity to cycle outside my house against the cold wind. You know, I particularly love to circled round the junction outside my house as I allowed my thought to flow under that perfect weather (before rain). I just simply love it, don’t ask me why. Sometimes, I will be in a mode of deep contemplation, thinking about loads of things but I enjoyed the serenity and peace.

On Sundays, my group consisting of my aunt, siblings and me will cycle around the neighbourhood and later on will make a beeline for the nearby playground. Look at the slide, see-saw and swings, how can I resist when they are seducing us? Every now and then, you will be seeing me at the local sundry shop buying the items that I am longing for without my mum’s knowledge. At that time, buying a notepad made of recyclable paper was already something that made my day or even week. The cost of the notepad? RM1. Yes, a buck item is sufficient to make me jump in joy even though it is not a big deal.

When the sky is covered by stars, we will usually take a stroll out down the road and maybe have some chat along the way. It is really exhilarating to see a sky of stars because this scenario only occurs once in a blue moon. It is so rare where most of the time we could only watch the moon. As the train station is a stone throw away, there will be our pit stop. We are so naughty that we used to pick up unused tickets and slot it into the machines. When we felt that there is eyes starring at us, it is time to be quick on our feet. If we do pass by the sundry shop, there will be ice-creams for dessert. I still remember, we will be browsing through the ice cooler to select our favourite flavour.

However, things will never remain the same always. It changed since I shifted to my new home. Kids no longer play outside the road and somehow there is no bonding between the neighbours. Every evening, only vehicle sounds fill the air. Can you tell me, how is a child’s life in this contemporary era? No play or is it just purely computer and video games?

Memories that make you smile in your dream, bL!nk$t@R.


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