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Enormous blackout April 1, 2009

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Earth hour 2009 ends on an impressive note with so many individuals and corporations joining hand in hand to make it a success. I applaud the efforts of WWF and Earth Hour in organising this massive worldwide campaign as well as producing such inspiring tv advertisement.

Many people seem to see this as a marketing gimmick or publicity stunt done by those companies involved to get a share of the recognition pie which is their so called corporate social responsibility. Undeniably, some of them are doing so but at least they are willing to fork out some effort and expenses in making this world a better place.

There are also people questioning on the objective of Earth Hour and its significance. “1 hour only mah, how can you reverse the harm you did to the environment by just switching off your lights for that miserable hour?’. This is one of those blabbing I heard from the public when I was munching my breakfast in a kopitiam.

Sounds demotivating, I thought. Lads like us who have consuming electricity like no one’s business would think that one hour does not make any difference. Let us first understand that the main purpose of Earth Hour is to generate awareness among the public and to serve as a wake up call for the relevant agencies to take the right measure to address this long term problem. That one hour is a time for reflection of the past detrimental acts that we have done against mother earth without realising. Mother Earth will seek revenge soon for all the damages and destructions and she have been ringing the alarm, transmitting the warning signal through the disasters that make us lost our home lately. It is not merely about saving electricity and it does make a difference.

Hopefully, this campaign will remind us to unplugged our computers when not in use and so forth. We do not want those consequences to haunt us in the future and lay a path full of destructions for our descendants.

P/s: My house encounter a total blackout during that moment0us hour after all lights were off. It was such an amazing experience breathing fresh air in the dark with the moon remaining bright.

Think before you act, bLink$t@R.


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