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A switch back to the norm April 20, 2009

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Last week is a bumble bee week. Meet-ups, celebrations and outings all held in that particular week. Honestly, it was extremely exhausting that I start to realise that home is more than a place to stay for me. It is definitely not a hotel where I head back everyday just to shower and recharge my battery nor should it be a venue where I say a typical hi-bye to my family members without further communication. Home, is where we seek inner peace and regain the strength to move on.

Nevertheless, a number of incidents did dishearten me. Firstly, one of my friend did not get his fair share to enjoy most of the activities at our teambuilding session due to the poor coordination and inefficiency of certain parties. Next, another friend was struck by his usual sickness with something serious this time. Onlookers like us felt so bad for not being able to help and yet witnessing him suffering in silence. His admission to the hospital was another bombshell being dropped. It causes total discomfort to our heart and worriness bothered us for the rest of the day. Thank God everything is fine now. “May you recover soon”.

Heck, I was forced to skipped gym due to the extra long hours of lecture that week which resulted in my tummy getting bigger now. Gosh, now I remember I ate a lot too owing very much to the double dosage of buffet. I seriously need to work out on my abs. Luckily, the muscle-aching teambuilding experience managed to compensate for the gym session. 

I am breathing at a moderate pace now, finally.


P/s: The teambuilding session = unpleasant + frustration + unorganised (I learn something humane from the instructor though which I never expected)


My accounting lecturer is climbing the wall like spidey..

















Back to normal, bL!nk$t@R.


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