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Acceptance May 10, 2009

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Gone through a number of things last week. We work so hard,  play with so much fun, laugh like hell, cry in pain.. After all, what does life boils down to? Are we born to die? I always question myself that. You see, if life is lived for the sake of living and things are done just to sustain life, yes, you are born to die. Ever ponder about your goals, aspirations and dreams? Ever thought of living a much more meaningful life than before? And do you ever thought that someone else out there who might want to have a life and yet is deprive of it? Too many questions to be answered. But, we can’t just ignore it and carry on with our life. We have to pursue life to seek the answer, the ultimate one. Pursuing life means we live life with a purpose instead of wandering around without any direction. It’s our compass, our guideline.


You know, the peeps around me made me realise how important acceptance is. Robin Sharma too (A wake-up call from him). Acceptance is not only about nodding your head. It’s about unlocking your heart to embrace the unknown. It’s about forgetting the past and welcoming the future. It’s about demonstrating your courage and continue to carry on with life in a stronger manner. Accepting is easy, but accepting something truly is a massive challenge. Courage is not enough, we need bravery too. We have to dare ourselves to take the first step out towards change. Hiding solves nothing but only add salt to the wound. Remember, acceptance is the passport to a better life.


‘Let life leads you, start accepting’, bL!nk$t@R.



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