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The seeds of friendship May 10, 2009

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It’s 4.35 am now. Because of one song, it constantly reminds me to treat the people around me better than ever, especially my friends. It’s hard to live without friends although I enjoy peace and serenity very much. They  somehow revolves around you even when it comes to the tiny bits of life. We never know.

I am a believer of fate, but never believes in luck. Fate in the sense that how two people is able to meet among a sea of human beings. It’s really amazing., ain’t it? That’s why I always believe that there is a reason for God to send these wonderful people into my life. The moment they walk into my life, they were destined to add value and help me through life in one way or another. Sometimes when you look back, many stuffs are hard to explain. Plain fate, I guess so. There are times that we needed each other so much and there are also moments where we are being ditched. Trust me, it’s fine. It’s just a process of growing our friendship to a stronger and healthier one. It’s similar to sowing a seed. Witnessing it sprouting up day by day and later becoming a plant is such a satisfying experience. Friendship too needs water, air, food and sunshine. If not, very fast, we will see it wilting. When one day it has become a solid and strong tree, that is when we will appreciate the things that happened and smile.

To everyone I know out there, I really want you all to know that I appreciate each and every bond regardless of time. Thank you so much for being with me, laughing at my silly jokes and even responding to my nonsense requests. Regardless of anything, there is nothing I hope for except happiness for all of you. At least when I walk down to hell or fly up to heaven, I am sure what nostalgia I would like to bring with me.

A quote to share: “Never take a person for granted. Hold every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realise that you’ve lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones”.

A friend in need is a friend indeed, bL!nk$t@R.


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