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More than a burger June 2, 2009

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It was a long wait till I’m able to get a taste of Ramly burger once again. Do you know that everytime during my journey back home, I will definitely pass by this particular little burger stall and give it a good stare? It sounds pitiful. I just don’t know why I can’t just pull over aside, drop by the stall and buy it. 

ramly burger

Is your saliva drooling down?

This afternoon, it happened so randomly. “Hey, let’s eat Ramly burger!”. We were passing by the burger stall along the way and we ordered it after nodding heads. You see, sometimes things can be done instantaneously instead of waiting for it to appear. Because by acting on it, we get what we want. It makes me happy albeit small request. *tongue-in-cheek* 

Revision is in progress and I’ll meet the 3rd person in heaven tonight (Don’t worry, it’s merely a story).


“Ask, act & be prepared to receive”, bL!nk$t@R. 


One Response to “More than a burger”

  1. LoLZ Says:

    urghhhh.. i missed it a lot!!

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