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Badminton-ing + Steamboat-ing June 7, 2009

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An action-packed afternoon in a hot and humid weather. Before this, lifting up the badminton racket was a past tense to me. But this week onwards, I’m working hard to make it a present tense and this requires consistency. Our class was down with the badminton fever lately after the assignment period comes to an end. We played for twice last week and everyone managed to sweat it out. It’s rightful to say that our class has many great talents in this game. That’s why you can see many badminton enthusiast around here. I’m anticipating the next session as more workout is needed to prepare for my upcoming challenge.

After burning those calories last friday, we adjourned to Sunway Mentari for steamboat buffet. What a bad decision made by me and I can foresee the needle racing to a higher figure on the weighing machine! Furthermore, I have to stuffed those unfinished food down to my stomach, thanks to someone! Bloated-the best word to describe my condition on that night. Seriously, I even felt like throwing up when I was on my way back, likely due to indigestion. 

steamboatAfter all, it was a great session of interaction and fun with them. 


Play hard, though exam is knocking on the door, bL!nk$t@R.


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