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Wait June 14, 2009

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Bus stop was my first destination this morning. After quite a long while, there I was again. Haze covers the sky as I barely see the sunlight. But I was feeling great without the heat.

History repeats and I missed the first bus again. I spent the next 40 minutes of my life waiting for the second bus. Worst still, I had to remain standing at the roadside along the highway as I breathe in those polluted gases. Nevertheless, something unusual was noted. There is no sign of frustration or impatience. All I do was wait. Cars zoomed by and thoughts fly into my head.

It evoked my memory on an article that I’ve read and kept about patience. Patience allows you to savour calmness. No rush. No scurry. Just allow the future to emerge at its own pace. When we wait, we pause  for the moment. We will start to notice the surroundings that we tend to overlook all this while. So busy pursuing the future that we neglected the present.

Sitting this particular bus and facing the wierd behaviour of the drivers were sufficient to irked me. Trust me, you won’t want to experience the same thing. But I have to admit that it is through this experience that I acknowledged patience as an important value and managed to upgrade my patience level. It was also the tool for me to overcome frustration and send serenity to my mind.

Patience pays.

p/s: I hate queue-jumpers. During traffic jams too. Don’t understand why are they so selfish and just can’t wait.

Relearn to wait, bL!nk$t@R.


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